Just as much as I can enjoy the peace and silence in a forest while observing birds, just as much I can enjoy the blasting sounds of formula cars.

Ages ago inspired by Cor Vos a well-known photographer of road cycling, I bought my first camera, an affordable Praktica EE-2 from Dresden (DDR)
I wanted to make the same breathtaking pictures of Lavender fields with a colourful strip of cyclists in them, but well... that didn't work out too great.

The love for Sports photography however never bored me and is still my second favoured type of photography.
A perfectly panned race picture or pure emotions captured on peoples faces in sports always fascinates me.

If it moves.. I'm game.

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Zorg altijd voor licht in je fotografie en je leven
Is het er niet... haal het er dan bij.‚Äč
(John Waire)